RIP NSX. Honda announced today that the NSX program is dead. Honda CEO Takeo Fukui announced the move in a speech that all development of the car would be canceled. It seems that the company has changed its previous statement. Back in October he told Autocar that, "the new supercar is necessary for Honda". Honda will now focus its efforts on (gasp) hybrid cars.

This is a bad time for car enthusiasts, but we kinda knew this was coming. Halo cars are fun, but in times of deep economic troubles, retrenchment strategies are aplenty and come quick. The first to go are the low-volume fun cars. The NSX was not the first to be chopped, and it won’t be the last (now taking odds on the Lexus LFA.)

If there is any hope to come from this news is that we all know how efficient Honda is. We’ve seen the development cars for the NSX, which means that Honda has a large engineering and financial investment in the V10 sports car. So we can all hope (fingers crossed) that when the world economy recovers, Honda will be quick to use a lot of the technology developed in this NSX program to quickly bring a supercar to the market.


Source: AutoCar

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  (233) posted on 12.20.2008

i cant believe that. the economy is goin to but that doesn’t mean that we dont have those rich bastards who could afford these cars anyways... super cars always sell cus there is always someone rich enough to buy them... hell the middle class is the economic level gettin screwed right now anyways and they’re the one’s who buy hybrids lol... nobody in the middle class is buyin cars anyways so screw hybrids and sell the super cars to the rich people who always have money lol... oh and the poor... wait sorry to be politically correct... the less fortunate are on their way to getting free handouts from the middle classes raised taxes and such... i’m gonna quit my job and just get that check from Obama and drink 40’s under the oak tree and play my harmonica all day lol

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.20.2008

Oh, come on. Supercars always sell. Even the big 3 are making hybrids. Honda should focus on the NSX. Screw the hybrids, the people already have the FIT and a couple of Honda hybrids.

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