Mugen presented at the Tokyo Auto Salon the Type-RR Exeperimental Spec, a version that replace the entire front clip with carbon fiber pieces and a stunning aluminum bonnet.

The Mugen Type-RR Exeperimental Spec is powered by a K20A engine of 2157cm3 that delivers 260 hp and a peak torque of 235 Nm. The engine is mated with a six-speed gearbox.

Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR Exeperimental Spec
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Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR Exeperimental Spec
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  (808) posted on 02.23.2010

well they really should put this into production, for sure many street racer are waiting for this baby.

  (1023) posted on 02.16.2010

looks scary to make fun with, yes it is stunningly beautiful and it’s interiors are redesign to meet the customers satisfaction to a factory sports custom and tune car.

  (6023) posted on 03.4.2008

my e mail

  (6023) posted on 03.4.2008

i have a civic si 2008 sedan , i want the muggen accesories

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 01.26.2008

wow honda must have gotten tired of me dissin civics all the time cuz now they’ve actually impressed me a little puttin 260hp in a civic type rr must make them proud.....but hey its still just a weak lame civic lmao!!

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