Despite the rather cold reception the Honda CR-Z got from US Honda dealers, the sports hybrid is certainly having no problems selling in their local market of Japan.

It was recently reported that the CR-Z already has 7,000 orders in place in Japan, a pretty eye-opening number, given the fact that the car only went on sale a few weeks ago – February 25, to be exact.

The numbers are already surprising by themselves, but it’s even more astonishing because Honda’s annual target of 12,000 units has already reached the halfway point – and a little more – in a little less than three weeks. As a result of the surprisingly immense interest in the car, customers who have already made prior orders will still have to wait at least three months to be able to bring their new sports hybrid car back to their respective homes.

Come to think of it, the success of the CR-Z in Japan shouldn’t be all that surprising so what Honda is looking at now is adding a few more thousand CR-Zs that are headed to the US sometime in the near future.


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  (461) posted on 03.18.2010

Greenhouseplant wait for the CR-Z Mugen Type T, for sure you wont regret it with just a few bucks added.

  (364) posted on 03.16.2010

Well of course this is just the regular CR-Z, wait for the CR-Z Mugen Type R for sure Evo owners will get jealous with this.

Uncia  (868) posted on 03.16.2010

By "appeal" I was referring to the market appeal. The way I see it, it’s not economical enough to compete with the Prius and new Nissan Leaf but it isn’t powerful enough to compete with other economy sporty cars, including Honda’s own Civic Si.

Uncia  (1) posted on 03.16.2010

Are you kidding me? This car looks bad assss! cant wait to get one.

Uncia  (344) posted on 03.15.2010

Well Uncia, it’s not always about the appeal of the car but it’s also about what’s inside the car and it’s hood. At most time, specially in the city, what matters then is the mileage and the safety of the car. But at most time, its the drivers. The thing about cars is that it can’t pick its driver, only the driver can pick the car so regardless of whether a driver is a good or bad driver, the car still has no choice but to offer what it has to offer.

Uncia  (859) posted on 03.15.2010

That is not a surprise at all. Honda is one of the cheapest car in the industry. Though the overall quality and appearance is not that appealing the cost made it purchasable.

Uncia  (1333) posted on 03.14.2010

agree it’s not that much appealing but dressing it up or customizing it’s body kit will make it aggressive and appealing.

Uncia  (868) posted on 03.14.2010

I don’t really understand the appeal of this car.

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