• Honda Had a Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve When Designing The 2022 Honda Civic

The interior and powertrain are still covered in mystery, but the exterior has a nice story

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Last week was a big one for Honda and its followers alike. There’s always great buzz whenever a new generation Civic is announced and Honda’s unveiling of the 2022 Civic prototype made no exception.

Now, we’ve already learned what we had to learn from the Japanese carmaker’s PR talk, but it’s time to delve deep into the 2022 Honda Civic topic with a little help from Gary Robinson, Head of Product Planning at American Honda.

Honda Had a Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve When Designing The 2022 Honda Civic Exterior
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From what we’ve seen courtesy of Honda’s press pictures of the 2022 Honda Civic prototype, the new Civic will take a slightly German approach in design in the sense that the rear end looks a bit Audi-ish and the quirky exterior gets replaced by a more modern, albeit sober take.

That’s not to say that the new Civic will be an ugly car. On the contrary, if it looks anything like the prototype, it’s going to turn a fair share of heads with the right paint job and wheel design.

Honda Had a Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve When Designing The 2022 Honda Civic
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Honda made it obvious that the new Civic will look cleaner than ever, but it still keeps the dynamism of past generations due to a low hood and front fenders that continue with slammed hips.

It’s just something that asks you to get behind the wheel and drive.

Speaking to MotorTrend in a walkaround video, Gary Robinson, American Honda Head of Product Planning, revealed that for Honda, the main aim was to take the Civic “to the next level.”

Mister Robinson also acknowledged that the current Civic is a tough act to follow, so Honda had to focus on this car’s best design cues while also looking at the previous Civic generations. What came out is a theme called “thin and light,” i.e. the car looks sporty and whatnot but it’s also friendly with the people sitting inside.

Honda Had a Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve When Designing The 2022 Honda Civic
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Keep in mind that the new Civic will be about one inch longer than the outgoing model, so that’s not much of an increase in terms of surface and proportions that designers could work with. So the trick in creating that long hood impression was all about repositioning the A-pillar.

Unfortunately, the prototype that debuted on Twitch doesn’t have an interior or an engine we can talk about, but the video below has more cool info on how the 2022 Civic prototype came to be and what we’ll see in the production model.

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