You have to feel for Santa Claus. Unlike the most of us, he doesn’t have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas. Instead, he’s out playing the role of delivery man, going from one household to another, leaving behind some gifts for kids on the “nice” list. Doing so involves taking his trusty old sleigh with him and for as long as Santa’s been doing the rounds, his sleigh has likewise racked up a ton of mileage over the years. Almost 75 billion miles, in fact.

Obviously, the sleigh is ripe for retirement, which is why Santa did the prudent thing and stopped by Honda North Pole to get a new sleigh, much to the delight of company engineers.

From a block of clay, Honda managed to whip up a state-of-the-art red sleigh, complete with airbags, a rear view camera, and some of Honda’s new tech features like Vehicle Stability Assist, Forward Collision Waning, and Lane Departure Warning. The sleigh even went through a nice crash test to ensure that its up-to-snuff in case Santa gets involved in an accident high up in the sky. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the sleigh was also decked out with a Honda Accord front end.

So if you happen to see Santa one of these days, don’t be surprised if he’s rolling in on a Honda Accord sleigh. That’s how he rolls these days, all thanks to a Honda dealership that probably has only one client.


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