There is an ever popular trend amongst future automotive designers of developing ideas based along an established automaker’s lines. Take this Honda RA-X concept for example, although it looks like the sporty offspring of an Acura NSX and a Honda Fit it didn’t come from a Japanese design studio but instead from the mind of Spanish car designer Xuacu Pérez. If you follow the link below you will see Xuacu’s previous concept, the Lotus Excite a compact English sports car with a 21st century appeal.

Honda RA-X concept
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The Honda RA-X looks like it is setting a speed record even when it is standing still. The forward leaning passenger compartment pushes the shape forward, while the wrap around windscreen and muscular kink in the C-Pillar make the RA-X look like a helmet poking out of a racecar cutting through the air, just like a GT-R. This could be a nod towards the Japanese sports car’s RA nameplate, the same two letters that were assigned to Honda’s Formula One cars in the 1960s. The F1 inspired name could also attest to the Spanish concept’s oversized wheels being pushed to the far corners of the body and quartet of trumpets that spit spent gasses out the back of the RA300 just like the horizontal exhaust pipes that poke out from the tail of the concept, just like the wingless wonder from 1967.

Honda RA-X concept
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Being a road car the RA-X trades the open air experience of the vintage F1 car for a closed cockpit 21st century thrill. The body itself would act as a wing, producing enough down force with all its bold curves to reach over 250 MPH, following the same low drag design philosophy that made the NSX a serious super car competitor, the RA-X’s proposed 400 HP mid engine layout. However if Xuacu wants this futuristic Honda to come to fruition, we suggest figuring out a place to add some electric motors to the concept and win over a few more green fans.


Source: Xuacu Designs

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  (765) posted on 02.9.2010

I’d say that the design is a little bit mix of some Audi, for the rear, Lamborghini that is bended on the front and that scissor door. It’s doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t look original. It’s the kind of car that would make people ask “what in the world is that car” upon seeing it.

  (859) posted on 02.2.2010

Very F-117 stealth fighter. The proportions are odd, but somehow it manages to look fast. Don’t ask me how

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