After some years in production the Honda Accord seams to have some problems.So Honda Motor Co. is recalling 81,000 of its 2004-2005 Accord sedans because of an airbag sensor that was installed improperly.This could cause the related sensor to fail as the company said.

Honda recalls 81,000 of its '04-'05 Accord
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The sensor regulates deployment of the airbag based on the occupant’s size and seating position and could fail, leading to injuries for smaller drivers.

The company says that if the sensor does fail an airbag warning light will illuminate on the car’s dash.When the sensor fails, the air bag system automatically moves to full inflation pressure, which could increase the risk of injury for the drivers in a frontal crash.

The recall notices will reach owners in February so if owners see the airbag light go off, they should have their car serviced immediately.

Even if Honda received no notice of injury or incidents with the airbag deploying improperly, all owners will have the sensor wiring harness replaced under the recall.

Honda had the fewest mechanical recalls of any automaker last year, with just more than 1,000 vehicles recalled.Not so wheel for Toyota with more than 800,000 recals in the last year.

Honda recalls 81,000 of its '04-'05 Accord
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