Rumors about a new global hybrid from Honda started to circulate a while ago! And now here’s the first spy shots of the future model that will be a serious rival to the Toyota Prius.

Honda confirmed in May that they are working on a bunch of new hybrid models, including: including a more affordable family car, a hybrid production version of the sleek CR-Z concept, a petrol-electric Jazz and a successor to today’s green Civic hybrid. So which one is this?

The new hybrid model will be smaller and cheaper than today’s Civic Hybrid, and the car in photos share many styling tips with the FCX Clarity fuel-cell car.

The car does not have a name yet, so we’ll just have to wait for more details!


Source: CarMagazine

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  (47) posted on 07.17.2008

Shoot the link doesn’t work. Go to google and search for edmunds 2010 honda hybrid coupe. It’s the first link.

  (47) posted on 07.17.2008

More pictures here:

http://ww ne/do/News/articleId=1 29247? ome.photopanel..1.*

Clearly Honda is trying ton copy the Prius. It’s almost as bad of a copy and paste job as the Shuanghuan CEO and BMW X5.

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