If you were sill hopping to see a new generation Honda NSX sports cars is time to stop dreaming. In an interview at Tokyo Motor Show, Honda chief executive Takanobu Ito sweep any dreams you might have had: there will be no successor for the NSX, not even in a hybrid version. Instead Honda plans a smaller city car placed under the current Jazz.

Also Honda has no plans for a pure battery electric vehicle and plans to build clean-fuel diesels for the US market had been canceled also.

Talking about hybrid cars, Takanobu Ito said Honda will use two hybrid systems: small cars like Civic will use a single-motor part-electric system, while bigger hybrid cars would use two electric motors.

There will also be no Acura on the European market.


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  (68) posted on 10.24.2009

I cannot believe Honda is doing this. Why can’t they be environmently friendly AND fun. Honda is like the only Japanese car manufacturer that doesn’t make sports cars (the SI-Mugen Civic does not count), and the last one to participate in a electric car program.

I currently drive a ’03 Accord and love it. But afterwards, their recent redesigns are just awful. The CR-V, Pilot, Crosstour, and even some of their Acuras, to me are like "what are they thinking?".

I can’t believe that in addition to having awful designs, and bad management decisions regarding future products and prospects, they are letting the competition beat them. Ford, GM, and Hyundai are building better looking and better quality cars. Toyota, who had earlier was thinking about cancelling their sports cars, has now retracted their decision. The only cards Honda has to be competitive is with reliability, safety, and high resale value, which probably won’t last that long.

As a soon-to-be ex-Honda loyalist, I hope their PR/research people read this and others like it and persuade their superiors to produce better designed cars, and cars that convey emotion and passion. Their current direction is not the same as the founder’s, Soichiro Honda. He loved racing. Toyota’s new president even loves racing, and it shows in their future pipeline.

If Honda does not shape up, my next purchase may be from one of the aforementioned manufacturers.

  (68) posted on 10.24.2009

I agree 800% with AK47. This is sacrilege. Honda-kun built his company with sports racing and now the higher-ups of the company turn away from this? Someone may have to commit SEPPUKU over this one.

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.23.2009

Honda should be ashamed. The only sporty car they have is the front wheeled Civic. They are doing the right thing by coming up with more electric vehicles. The piece of $hit, trailer trash Insight is prove of how well hybrids sell.

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