The Honda Civic Type R is coming!

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is expected to host a treasure trove of world debuts, be it of the production or concept variety. That much is known as some of the biggest automakers in the world will be in attendance, ready to showcase its new wares to the entire industry. That list of companies includes Honda, which is bringing with it the production version of a car that we’ve been waiting a long time to see. Fasten your seat belts, everyone, because the production-spec Honda Civic Type R is finally coming.

First debuting as a concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show last September, the wait for the production version has been excruciatingly long. Ever the tease, Honda even mate the auto show rounds bringing the concept version with it with little trace of the production model. But all that’s going to change in Geneva as the Japanese automaker is now prepared to pull the covers off of the production-spec Civic Type R, much to the delight of everyone who has been waiting a long time for this moment to arrive.

Granted, details about the road-ready Civic Type R are still under wraps, but previous reports have suggested that the hot hatch will make use of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will produce more than 300 horsepower and with all that power sent to the two front wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. That number has yet to be confirmed by Honda, but for the sake of the Civic Type R and all the hype it’s been generating, it better breach the 300-horsepower barrier. That’s especially true if it hopes to compete against some of its expected rivals, including the 350-horsepower Ford Focus RS and the 305-horsepower Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, the current king of Nürburgring lap times among front-wheel-drive cars.

For what it’s worth, though, the data and the figures can wait for the time being since they’ll be revealed in Geneva anyway. What’s important is that the production version of the Honda Civic Type R now has a timetable for its debut. I know what you’re all thinking because I can’t wait for Geneva, either.

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Let the anticipation begin!

The Type R’s arrival doesn’t need a lot of explanation. I think it’s been established that the Honda Civic Type R is one car that we’ve all been waiting with baited breath to see in production form. It’s not just about the car itself because we already have a good idea of what it’s capabilities are.

More important is the Civic Type R’s arrival in the U.S. And not just that, the Civic Type R is the first

badged Type R model to come to America, so there’s also some history being made here when we see the production version for the first time at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

It would be a tremendous understatement to say I’m looking forward the production version of the Honda Civic Type R, as I’m sure the feeling is mutual for a lot of people. And once that’s done, the countdown to its release officially begins as reports say that production of the hot hatch is expected to start in the summer of 2017.

As for Honda’s other offerings in Geneva, expect to also see the Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle there, as well as the European debut of the Honda NeuV electric concept.

Read our full review on the upcoming Honda Civic Type R here.

Read our full review on the Honda Civic Type R here.

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