• Honda’s New S660 Neo Classic Body Kit is A Love Letter To Japan’s Kei Cars

Unfortunately - and you know where this is going - the kit is only available in Japan

The Honda S660 Roadster is getting a Kei-infused transformation with the introduction of the S660 Neo Classic body kit. Limited to the Japanese market, the body kit turns the S660 roadster into a retro-styled Kei car in the mold of the S660 Neo Classic Prototype that Honda unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon. The kit costs 1.296 million yen, which converts to a little over $11,000. No; it doesn’t come cheap.

Honda's New S660 Neo Classic Body Kit is A Love Letter To Japan's Kei Cars
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Who doesn’t have a soft spot for Japan’s Kei cars? We certainly love them for all the reasons that make them cute, adorable, and not-so-fun to drive. The Honda S660 Roadster is, for all intents and purposes, the quintessential Kei car. It’s only 133.7 inches long, weighs around 850 kilos, and has a 660cc engine that produces 63 horsepower. Like it or not, everything about the S660 comes in small doses.

The S660 Neo Classic Body Kit, on the other hand, is bursting with personality.

One look at the kit installed onto the S660, and you’ll see the result of a full-blown, retro-tastic visual transformation.

The S660 Neo Classic Body Kit comes with a lot of interesting parts and components, a lot of which are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The two most prominent, of course, are the round headlights and taillights. The entire front section of the S660 looks different compared to the more modern stylings of the standard model. The kit also includes curved fenders, bumpers, and a hood. Even the grille is a complete departure from what the S660 has.

Honda's New S660 Neo Classic Body Kit is A Love Letter To Japan's Kei Cars
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If you are interested in purchasing the S660 Neo Classic Body Kit, you have a few requirements to meet, none more important than owning an actual S660 Roadster. If you don’t have the car, the body kit is essentially useless. Honda will install the kit onto the S660 and, interestingly enough, deliver the car with the panels unpainted. You’ll then have free rein to choose whatever color you want on S660 Neo Classic.

The finished product speaks for itself, too. Any visual trace of the S660 Roadster is gone, replaced by a car that looks like it was transported from the 1970s. But, that’s the whole point of the S660 Neo Classic Body Kit. It’s admittedly not for everyone, but if you still have pangs for old school car styling, you can live out your fantasies with this kit.

As mentioned above, the S660 Classic Body Kit costs 1.296 million Yen, which converts to roughly $11,600 at current exchange rates.

Obviously, your costs will shoot through the roof if you don’t own a Honda S660. The Kei roadster starts at 1.63 million Yen in Japan. That’s almost $15,000.

Honda's New S660 Neo Classic Body Kit is A Love Letter To Japan's Kei Cars
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Add that to the kit’s price tag and costs for paint and installation, and you’re looking at a bill that could approach $30,000. That’s a steep price to pay for a car that only has 63 horsepower on tap, but then again, since when have Kei cars been defined by their performance capabilities?

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