Honda’s president reveals future hybrid details

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In a recent interview for Automotive News, Honda President Takeo Fukui revealed some details about the future hybrid which will be launched next year. Mr. Takeo said that the engine of the future hybrid will be based on the Civic’s power plant but using some newly designed motor and engine control unit.

Honda’s president also revealed details about the nickel metal hybride batteries the new vehicle will use. The design of the car, according to Mr. Takeo, will find its roots in the FCX Clarity fuell cell vehicle revealed last year by Honda. The price of the new hybrid will me smaller that the current Civic Hybrid, which means that the car will be the cheapest hybrid on the U.S. auto market.

Asked why Honda will not use lithium ion batteries, Mr. Takeo said "There’s a word in Japanese, soukon, for people who decide to get married to soon.", meaning that the move to lithium batteries is considered to soon for Honda’s vehicles.

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