Honda has confirmed that there will be no new NSX super car, but on the greener side the Japanese automaker has their hands full with the Insight. What does this spell for Honda? A future where vehicles combine hybrid technology with traditional sports car attitude. We will first see a sports version of the Insight, most likely with a 10 HP bump. The hot rod Insight will then be followed by the compact CR-Z hybrid in 2010.

The interesting news is that the S2000’s successor will be a 2+2 with the latest in Super Handling All Wheel Drive. The Honda engineers haven’t decided whether to go with an inline four or a V6 to power the rear wheel drive sports car, but getting back to the hybrid theme, there are talks of a KERS, just like the F1 cars.


Source: BestCar

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  (318) posted on 05.26.2009

The body design is distinctly wedge-shaped, sort of the modern equivalent of the popular 1980s high-end sports cars (ala Magnum PI). I think the looks are definitely a step up from both the Prius and the Insight’s efficient, but homely appearance

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