Honda might drop the production of the S2000 in 2008 and introduce a R-Type derivative. The Type-R was originally conceived in 2004, but now it will have more horsepower and less weight for added punch and align more effectively with the Mazdaspeed Miata.

The S2000 Type R model year 2004 proposal (official document from Honda) consisted of:

  • target of 100kg weight reduction
  • balanced engine internals (Type R treatment)
  • Type R exclusive interior
  • air conditioning becomes a factory option
  • SRS air bag becomes a factory option
  • sound deadening material deleted
  • front tire: 205/55R16 to 205/45R17 (implemented on AP2)
  • rear tire: 225/50R16 to 245/40R17 (implemented on AP2)
  • Type R exclusive suspension tuning
  • Type R exclusive uprated brakes
  • Type R exclusive body color(s)
  • spare tire deleted
  • smechanical LSD
  • spower soft top deleted
  • lightweight carbon hard top
  • audio becomes factory option


The next S

Honda has been tossing around many ideas on the next S. From 4 door sports car to FF compact sports. But it seems they have decided to
stay with the FR roadster format, and are preparing a concept car in
time for the discontinuation of the S2000. But instead of targeting
the likes of SLK and Z4, they are going to go with a 2.0L engine and
battle it out with the long-time popular Mazda Roadster (Miata in
US). Engine will be the new Advanced VTEC K20A with an output of
about 200-220 hp.

It will be a milder engine than the S2000, and the suspension tuning will also follow this route. Styling is said to be heavily based on the S500/S600/S800, Honda’s first 4 wheel automotive. Dimensions will be slightly smaller than the S2000 with an overall length of 4000mm, overall width of 1730mm, height of 1250mm, and wheelbase of 2400mm. That’s about the same size as the Mazda Roadster. The roof will be electric powered metal hardtop, and the car should weight in at 1250kg, which is slightly heavier than the Mazda, but the extra power in the S will more than make up for it. It is also probable that the car will be available only with a clutchless 6spd manual shift transmission.

Source: vtec

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