The Honda S2000 has been on sale for almost a decade. While there was a refreshening in 2004, no major work has ever been done on the car. No matter how good a car is (and the S2000 is an amazing one,) it still needs a new set of clothes every once in a while. So after the new NSX and CR-Z are released in 2011, Honda will start to tease us with the S2000’s replacement.

Road and Track seem to have the scoop on this one. They spotted a car at Honda’s R&D facility in Japan that has the proportions of the OSM concept, but with some different skin.

It’s rumored that the new roadster could borrow the six-cylinder engine from the Acura TL in 3.0-liter or the 3.5-liter form (likely changing the name to S3000.) That kind of engine could make 280- to 300-bhp and give a 0-60 mph sprint in under five seconds.

Although this would be a nice addition to the roadster, Honda is not the kind of company that makes these kinds of dramatic power upgrades to its line up. The most likely engine that will show up will be something close to its current high revving four cylinder.


Source: Road And Track

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  (68) posted on 10.14.2008

I just hope Honda does not goof up on the design like in the CRV, Pilot, and some of the Acura models. I also think that Honda should still offer the four cylinder on the new model, in addition to the six cylinder.

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