• Honda Set to Inch Closer to Its Electric Future at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show With the 2020 Honda Urban EV

Say hello to the latest iteration of Honda’s Electric Vision

With a launch set for early March, the Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner, and that means we’re already getting an early look at the huge list of upcoming debuts. One of the first out the gates is Honda with its new Urban EV concept, which looks to offer funky, simplistic styling, cute proportions, and a torquey electric powertrain, all of which will carryover to a full-fledged production model this year.

Headed To A Café Near You

Honda Set to Inch Closer to Its Electric Future at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show With the 2020 Honda Urban EV
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For now, all we’ve got is the above design sketch in hand, but Honda has assured us we’ll have the global premiere of a full-fledged production prototype this March in Geneva.

Indeed, the Urban EV will be just one drop in a flood of upcoming EVs from the H badge, as Honda hopes to cordon off two-thirds of its sales in Europe for electrified vehicles by the year 2025.

Framed as offering a combination of “functionality and purpose,” the new concept is quite similar to the Honda Urban EV concept that was revealed back in 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, there are a few new bits to point out as the nameplate nears its full mass-production status.

From the off, we’re drawn to the concept’s super clean lines and oval-shaped front fascia. The white and black color scheme also works to enhances the sterility of the design even further. The rounded headlights give it a cute look, as well as a nod to Honda’s older Civic models, while LED lighting brings it into the modern day. We’re also interested to learn what’s going on with that outcropping on the hood, specifically whether or not it’s just for styling or if there’s functionality there as well. We expect to see bits of the Honda N600 thrown in for good measure too.

2017 Honda Urban EV Concept High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
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Note: 2017 Honda EV Urban EV concept pictured here.

Moving around to the sides, we expect the production car to offer the same classically boxy silhouette, but the wheels will be smaller and more production-friendly. The production version will also likely come with five doors total (four on the sides, one for the hatch), rather than the older concept’s three-door layout.

Other features on the chopping block include the old concept’s messaging system, wherein digital panels on the front and rear fascia are programmed to display text that enables the driver to interact with other drivers and pedestrians. The cool blue badging might make it off the show floor, though.

So yeah, the production Urban EV won’t be as cool as the concept, but it’ll be close.

The Urban EV will also offer rather diminutive dimensions - the concept is just 3,895 mm long, making it even shorter than the Honda Fit.

Does Honda's Urban EV Concept Prove that Honda has no Idea what it is Doing? High Resolution Interior
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Note: 2017 Honda Urban EV Concept pictured here.

Honda didn’t provide and teasers of the new concept’s cabin, but we can look to the 2017 concept for that.

Frankly, we love the old concept’s interior layout, but the production model will obviously be way toned down by comparison. And that’s too bad, because we think that enormous digital screen and square steering wheel look pretty cool.

Even so, the production version will likely come with some kind of digital display, at least for the infotainment system, but possibly also for the gauges.

More standard switchgear is highly likely. Seating for five should be standard as well.

We’re thinking a premium interior treatment would work here, but not leather and wood. Rather, leatherette and glossy black trim makes sense.

As for the powertrain stuff, the Urban EV will come with a low-weight battery pack and integrated heat management, plus the ability to turn the car into a mobile power source for direct integration with your at-home smart energy grid. Range per charge should top out at around 155 miles. Output will probably look like 150 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque.

Honda’s Strategy For The Future

2020 Honda Sports EV Exterior Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Note: Honda Sports EV Coupe Rendering pictured here.

The new Urban EV Concept is a solid complement to another electrified concept from Honda, namely the Honda Sports EV Coupe that was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show. Both vehicles follow the same general styling cues, and both will share the same underpinnings as well.

A production version of the Honda Sports EV Coupe is imminent, although timing is a bit murky on that one.

As for the Urban EV, we think it’s a really a solid proposition for quick commutes and around-town jaunts. Pricing will actually be a bit more expensive than you might guess at first, with the funky styling and premium interior bits commanding a higher price than your standard supermini. Rumors of 25,000 to 30,000 Euros have been floating for a while.

The production model is slated to go on sale sometime this year. When it does hit dealers, the Honda Urban EV will compete against the likes of the Volkswagen E-Up! and Renault Zoe.

We also expect this thing to be fun to drive. The recipe is clear - plenty of low-end torque from the electric motor, low weight, short wheelbase… sounds tasty, no?

Not sure if this production car will be offered to U.S. audiences, but it’s not looking very likely. Rather, it’ll sell in Europe and Asia, both of which are markets where the EV’s quirky styling, small size, and battery-driven powerplant will play well with buyer expectations.

What do you think? Would you go for something like the Honda Urban EV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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World premiere of Honda’s new electric vehicle prototype confirmed for 2019 Geneva Motor Show
Early design sketch of prototype revealed
Next step in Honda’s commitment for two thirds of European sales to feature electrified technology by 2025
Honda has confirmed the global premiere of a prototype version of its new electric vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019.

Honda’s new electric vehicle is developed with a focus on functionality and purpose and the prototype sketch demonstrates this through its clean, simple and unique design. The image highlights a clear link to Honda’s Urban EV Concept initially shown at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The debut is a further demonstration of Honda’s ‘Electric Vision’, a commitment that two thirds of European sales will feature electrified technology by 2025. A mass production version of the car will be on sale later in the year.

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