A lot of car manufacturers seem to understand that the future of the automobile industry lies in the electric variety. As such, a number of automakers have taken the steps to produce their own electric cars and now, we’ve learned that Honda is set to join the mix.

As one of the more pro-active automakers in pursuing fuel-efficient vehicles, it was only a matter of time before Honda jumped on the electric car bandwagon and the recent reports we have is that the company is set to release their all-electric car in the US by 2015.

Honda’s two main rivals – Toyota and Nissan – have already started with their own electric car versions for the US, which figures to be the first region to have substantial demand for all-electric vehicles, partly due to upcoming zero-emission regulations that will be enforced down the road.

Although the exact date of the launch is still a matter of speculation, Honda is nevertheless moving forward with their plans of producing all-electric vehicles. The company has already laid out plans of producing a hybrid version of the Honda Fit, which should serve as a sign that Honda is more serious than ever in joining the all-electric vehicle race.

A lot of us are still in the dark about this project except for the fact that Honda is set to release it in 2015. While the date is still about six years from now, it comes as an appropriate time for Honda to announce its plans, especially at a time when more and more automakers – not just Nissan and Toyota – are in the process of developing their own all-electric vehicles.

Source: Yahoo News

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MadTourist  (48) posted on 08.27.2009

I think it looks like a vacuum cleaner.

MadTourist  (421) posted on 08.24.2009

In fact this now new as we all know all car manufacturer’s have no choice but to comply with the zero emission compliant product that they have to sell in the US market. On one had this may be a good sign that almost everyone are into the campaign.

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