Here’s the latest spy shot of Honda’s plan for a new gas/electric vehicle. The finished vehicle is expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show and is reported to share styling with Honda’s FCX hydrogen-powered sedan. From the photo it looks like Honda is also taking styling cues from Toyota. The Honda-Prius connection may pure coincidence considering that a round-faced hatchback gives little wind resistance. Then again, the car’s look may be very intentional, as Honda wants to copy a winning strategy. After all, Honda is not used to losing, and this is its second attempt at an original gas/electric hybrid vehicle—anyone remember the unloved Insight?


Source: Autoblog

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  (29) posted on 07.21.2008

I think your right to a certain extent but its far more likely to share the fcx looks which admittedly arent far from the Prius. It will be sleeker than the arduous looking toyota

  (1024) posted on 07.18.2008

Did it occur to anyone that this might be the next generation Prius?

  (520) posted on 07.17.2008

they can keep their hybrid cars, i prefer European hatchbacks, they have a great fuel consumption and look better!

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 07.17.2008

The Insight was the only other ORIGINAL GAS/ELECTRIC hybrid. Honda has a huge history of other hybrids, including the FCX family of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. In the gas/electric field, Honda also has the civic hybrid and had an accord hybrid. But those are/were regular production models given a hybrid engine and a few pieces of wind cheating technology.

And yes, we all read the Car and Driver article about how they can hide car shapes of test cars. But take some time to look at this car. The A, B and C ars are clearly visible, and they form a very-Prius like roof arc. The rear window of the car is visible through the back seat, and it shows that the diaper is not misshaping the back end. That’s pretty damn close to the look of the Prius.

But you were absolutely right about the spelling error, thanks.

Myles_Kornblatt  (29) posted on 07.17.2008

They have a hybrid already so it wont exectly be the 2nd. This car clearly has been made to look alot like a Prius because they know someone will take a picture of it and they don’t want to give away the final styling. Learn some grammar and to proof read what you write before you publish it man!

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