In the world of high-performance automobiles there are two kinds of owners. First, there are those who buy an exclusive vehicle, only to hide it away, parked inside an enormous warehouse filled with the rest of their toys. Occasionally, those owners invite a friend or two inside to show off the pieces of automobile and maybe even take the classic out for a Sunday drive. Then there is the kind of sports car owner that just so happen to be a driver. These enthusiasts appreciate their vehicles in a way that the previous group only dreams of. There is nothing like fully stretching your super car’s legs or seeing just how deep into a turn your prized possession can go. For those drivers, there are these magical things called track days, a place where speed junkies can get full use out of their big boy toys.

Top Speed recently attended one of these Saturday afternoon visits to one of our local race tracks where we joined up with Henry Gilbert and got Hooked on Driving. The problem with most track days and even racing schools is the price. Not only is participating in one of these programs expensive, but the amount of actual seat time is rather limited. Most instruction programs will have you sitting in a class room for half of the day and then make you wait around amongst all the other pupils for your brief opportunity to make good on everything you learned earlier on in the day. Not at Hooked on Driving, they do conduct a brief chalk talk for first timers, which are always a good idea, but this track day program is geared towards giving clients the most seat time possible in a safe, responsible environment.

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The drivers and their cars were separated into four categories, from beginners getting tips from the complimentary instructors to all-out full-speed performance driving where you don’t have to wave the other cars by. The day was broken down in a way that allowed each category to run five different times for about a half an hour at a time throughout the day, and trust us, 30 minutes is more than enough time behind the wheel. The Hooked on Driving experience is all about having a good time with your car on world class racetracks in a non-competitive environment and develop skills that you will use every time you get behind the wheel. Hooked on Driving is a must for any driver looking to get the most seat time and fun for their money.

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BMWM6  (486) posted on 06.24.2009

is that a stock corvette or what version is it the one with the black rims

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