Yeah, it’s not always about Ken Block’s crazy shenanigans.

Most of you link the Hoonigan name with Ken Block and leave it at that, so I won’t blame you for not knowing that Hoonigan is into a lot more than Block’s crazy Shenanigans. Case in point – this video of an E55 AMG-powered Track Kart that was posted to the company’s Youtube channel “Daily Transmission.”

For those of you that don’t know, Daily Transmission is a dedicated channel where the Hoonigans look at the wildest, upside-down car builds they can find, and the video you’re about to watch below is no exception, so let’s get to it.

Hoonigan and the E55 AMG-Powered Track Kart

If you’re someone that’s always dreamed of building your own go-kart (or track kart, for that matter,) then you need to take note because this is how it’s done. In the video, Hoonigan video starts Vin and Ron get up close and personal with a one-of-a-kind AMG-powered track kart that, for lack of better terminology, looks like a go-kart and F1 car merged together into one piece of awesomeness.

It all started out when the Kart’s creator, Shehryar Khan decided started running time attack trials in his 2004 Mercedes-AMG E55. It didn’t take long before he wanted to take things to the next level, and that’s when he put together the track kart you see here and crammed the same engine from his E55 into that little F1-inspired Kart. But, he didn’t stop there. The 500 or so horses that come courtesy of the AMG V-8 wasn’t good enough either, so Khan swapped out the stock supercharger for a pair of turbos. The Result? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 horsepower surrounded by a host of new and custom-built parts.

Hoonigan Decided to Show Off an E55 AMG-Powered Track Kart and Now We Want One
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I’m not kidding when I say custom parts, either. Khan even went so far as to built his own subframe, taking into account things like the weight and offset of the engine and transmission. To help with handling and cornering ability, the engine was settled behind the front wheels. The whole design weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 950 kilograms (just shy of 2,100 pounds,) so it’s not surprising how fast this baby appears in the video. 700 horsepower and just over 2,000 pounds? That’s a dedicated recipe for fast as hell.

Anyway, check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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