This Record Breaking HPF 750 turbo kit is available (beginning March 2007) to the public that makes a staggering 750bhp (600rwhp @ 11psi). This kit provides a reliable and daily driveable 420bhp increase in power through the stock engine and stock exhaust.

The kit provides 3 times the power gain of most supercharger kits sold today. This kit comes pre-configured with two power settings. A pump gas (500rwhp - 625bhp @ 5.5psi) map is the basic setting designed to run on 91 octane fuel or better. A keyed race fuel switch is provided that when activated and race fuel (110 octane or better) is in the tank a heart pounding 750bhp is laid to the ground.

For durability testing, the M3 was pushed well in excess of the specs for the kits that are being released (up to 671rwhp) and did nearly 100 dyno pulls above 600rwhp.

Source: HorsepowerFreaks

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