Hot Import Night was in Miami Beach this weekend. And of course we did not want to miss it.

First HIN (hot import night) for me, and it is pretty good. If you like tuning, it is like a sunday at church, you should not miss it.

80% of cars are coming from local dealer willing to show their latest rides to potential new customer, the other 20% are just simple guys trying to have fun.

But when you think Hot Import Night you think more than your local club meeting at the burger king drive lot.. You want to see hot chicks and that is what you will be given if you come to HIN. Hot babes are everywhere and really easy to approach to take a pictures with your old man or yourself.

See our HIN girl gallery and see what you have missed ;)

For the one that really want to only look at the cars, check our gallery on the right of this article. There is also plenty of ideas to spend your beer money this Xmas.

Honestly I wonder how most of those guys still drive those cars, they are so heavily tuned that they must be 95% of the times in spare parts at the local shop... Anyhow R-E-S-P-E-C-T for all the show guys and show girls at HIN.

Great cars + cute babes = great show, they will see me next year.

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  (18) posted on 01.17.2007

that ia an bad asssss car

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