Hot super cars

Hot super cars
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How come it is that you see so many exotic super cars going up in flames? One would think that with the highly inflated price tag and ridiculous maintenance costs that you would at least be buying some sense of peace of mind reliability. However unfortunately this isn’t the case and for each of these unlucky exotic car owners, their pleasant Sunday drives all ended with an eerily similar smell, charred super car.

All of these driver’s stories sound about the same, it doesn’t matter whether they were behind the wheel of a Diablo, Gallardo or even a Chevrolet. They were all driving along peacefully when out of no where their olfactory nerves begin to sense an odd smell emanating from their engine bays, and only seconds later their big boy toy were engulfed in flames.

Hot super cars
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Previously we have speculated that there could be a foul hand afoot, and that these high priced rides are being sacrificed in order to free up some liquid from a very overpriced asset in a tight economy. However if this is the case, those owners ought to be persecuted because they are giving the exotic car builders a bad name.


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  (477) posted on 02.7.2010

But if it is the case that the problem was technical, those hot car manufacturers better make improvements with their safety issues with their cars. But I think that it is the driver’s fault. Must have been some issues with the maintenance of the car or something.

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