• Hot Wheels Elite Gives You a Chance to Own a Ferrari 458 Italia China Edition

Still steaming over not getting a chance to own a Ferrari 458 Italia China Edition?

Don’t feel too bad because a lot of people who aren’t from China probably feel the same way too.

But even if you lost out on the actual one that costs almost $1 million, you can still get to own a 458 Italia China Edition.

Thanks to Hot Wheels’ premium line of collectable die-cast models, a Ferrari 458 China Edition can be in your future. You won’t be able to drive it because it’s only a 1:18 scale version of the actual supercar but then again, you take what you can get, right?

Besides, parking it on your desk sounds about cooler than actually taking one out for a spin. It still comes with the distinctive "Marco Polo Red" finish and it has the distinctive decorative dragon imagery running the length of the car. Gold wheels are in there, as is the finely-dressed interior.

Really, it’s the best way to own this ultra limited supercar without having to pay a fortune for the real deal. All you need to fork over is $105 and it’s yours.

Sounds like a good deal to us.

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2012 Ferrari 458 China Edition

2012 Ferrari 458 Italia China Special Edition High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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In honor of the Year of the Dragon last year, Ferrari decided to give its Chinese customers a treat with the introduction of the 458 China Edition, a limited run of specially designed 458s - only 20 models were built - that pays homage to the legendary fire-breathing monster.

The distinctive "Marco Polo Red" was used on the supercar’s body, attributing of course, to the historical Italian who made became famous for launching Western trade to the East.

The car’s unique livery was also a highlight of the 458 China Edition and was inspired by the longma theme which is an old Chinese idiom which means "the vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse."

Inside, this special edition also came with gold embroidery on the car’s head rests, while the engine start button on each of the 20 cars was inscribed with the simplified Chinese characters for "start." Each unit also received a "20th Anniversary Special Edition" plaque in the dash.

Source: Hot Wheels Elite

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