Radio controlled cars come in all shapes and sizes these days. We have those gargantuan RC racers on one end while on the other, we have this, the Stealth Riders from Hot Wheels.

To say that these RC cars are small is a gross understatement. They’re so small that your dog can actually mistake them for a biscuit and eat them. They’re so small that you can probably fit a dozen of these in your pocket. Okay, the last one might have been a little exaggerated, but the point is, these two new collapsible Stealth Riders are about as tiny a race car as we’ve seen in a while.

Not that we’re complaining because they are pretty cool. And at $25 a pop, you can own both of them – a red race car and a silver tank with a Batman Tumbler soon to join the fold – and have yourself a little race on the kitchen counter. The only drawback we see from these two RCs is that the cars only run for 45 minutes and, when the batteries are drained dry, you’re going to need to replace them – all five of them – to be able to get your Stealth Riders up and running again.

Follow the link and check out the video review of these new Hot Wheels toys at CNET.


Source: CNET

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  (415) posted on 10.21.2011

WoW! Hot Wheels! I am a collector of Hot Wheels which i got from my friends and brothers hobby. I just love collecting them rather than playing with them.

  (808) posted on 10.12.2010

Still no Speedster article guys?

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