LIfe-size jet car gets immortalized in 1:64 scale

Hot Wheels’ rollicking, 15-stop, nationwide Legends Tour reached its climax at the 2018 SEMA Auto Show, where Luis Rodriguez and his 2JetZ open-wheel jet car took home top honors in the competition. As part of his prize, Rodriguez will get to see his creation immortalized in Zamac and turned into its very own 1:64 scale die-cast toy. The 2JetZ was chosen from more than 3,600 custom cars entered in the Legends Tour. It was selected, in part because of its design and originality. The Hot Wheels version of the jet car is expected to hit toy stores sometime next year.

Hot Wheels Picks 2JetZ As New Die-Cast Toy
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This is the dream, isn’t it? Everyone who has ever played with Hot Wheels cars can attest to the dream of one day seeing a car they made get turned into a 1:64 scale toy. I had that same dream myself growing up. Unfortunately, my Pizzamobile that runs on salami and cheese is probably never going to win a competition like Hot Wheels’ Legends Tour.

Fortunately for Luis Rodriguez, his own intrepid creation not only caught the attention of the likes of Jay Leno and legendary Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood, but it also outlasted more than 3,600 custom creations to win the exclusive competition. Rodriguez’s 2JetZ open-wheeled jet car was selected by Mattel after the culmination of the 15-stop nationwide tour.

A winner was selected at each of the 15 stops, and all 15 winners and their cars, Rodriguez and his 2JetZ, included, took center stage Hot Wheels’ own booth at the 2018 SEMA Auto Show.

That’s where Rodriguez was announced as the winner for creating what can only be described as a custom car that was built to have its own Hot Wheels alter ego. It features a jet fuselage body, complete with a yellow tinted canopy covering the cockpit of the car. A Toyota-sourced 2JZ power plant sits behind the wheel and is said to be capable of producing more than 600 horsepower. While it would’ve been nice for the car to have its own jet nose, it does feature a smorgasbord of decals and graphics, the kind that you normally see on actual fighter jets. Overall, it’s a sick-looking creation, and the fact that it has that much power and weighs just 1,600 pounds speaks to the kind of capabilities it has once its unleashed on, say, a drag strip.

Hot Wheels Picks 2JetZ As New Die-Cast Toy
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As an added bonus to everything that Rodriguez has already won in the competition, the 2JetZ and it’s 1:64 scale counterpart will be inducted into the Hot Wheels garage of Legends, a collection of one-of-a-kind cars immortalized as Hot Wheels die-casts.

With honors coming left and right, we’re hoping that at least one time, we get to see the 2JetZ in action.

It probably won’t have any trouble holding its own on a drag strip, but still, we’d like to see it for ourselves.

Note: all images courtesy of Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels announced Luis Rodriguez and his 2JetZ custom car as the winner of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, a 15-stop tour that scoured the nation in search of a custom car worthy of being made into a 1:64 die-cast toy. The tour was launched in celebration of the brand’s 50th anniversary.

Rodriguez’s 2JetZ, an open-wheeled jet car, was chosen from more than 3,600 custom cars entered in the Legends Tour and selected for its originality and arresting design. The announcement was made at the 2018 SEMA Show, world-renowned auto show in Las Vegas, where all 15 finalist cars are on display alongside Hot Wheels’ fleet of life-size vehicles.

"All our Legends finalists on display at SEMA are winners — each custom build embodies originality, authenticity and the garage spirit," said Chris Down, SVP & General Manager, Hot Wheels. "The 2JetZ looks like it performs and everything about it was built from the ground up. Its forward design aesthetic will add variety to the Hot Wheels line and is a car that both adult fans and kids will love."

The 2JetZ design is inspired by a fighter plane in honor of American veterans. With more than 600 horsepower and a driver’s seat in the middle of the vehicle, the car is crafted with a focus on high-performance and high-end design.

"Hot Wheels has crowned me as a winner, and I get the chance to represent some of the most creative and beautiful designs that I’ve seen," said Luis Rodriguez. "With my car, I wanted to create something from scratch that tested my ability as a builder and I am happy that the 2JetZ has taken me on this journey."

A team of judges, including Hot Wheels designers and automotive influencers, chose the Legends Tour winner for its authenticity, originality and garage spirit. The final team of judges included Jay Leno host of Jay Leno’s Garage; YouTube influencer Tanner Fox; legendary Hot Wheels car designer Larry Wood; and car enthusiast Magnus Walker, among others.

"Hot Wheels has always been about variety and this year’s 15 Legends finalists are a perfect example of that," said Down. "While 2018’s winner is an open-wheeled jet car, who knows what we will see from next year’s Legends challengers!"

SEMA Show attendees are invited to visit the Hot Wheels Pavilion (Booth #61045 in Silver Lot 1) to see all Legends Tour finalist cars and vehicles from the Hot Wheels Fleet. Also on display are Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary collaborations, including PUMA’s custom sneakers inspired by the life-sized Hot Wheels cars and MOMO’s Hot Wheels 50th anniversary-inspired high performance steering wheel and shifter.

The Legends Tour winner’s life-size car and die-cast version will be inducted into the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends, a collection of one-of-a-kind cars immortalized as Hot Wheels die-casts that meet the brand’s high standards of style and performance.

To learn more about how Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th anniversary, visit and follow #HotWheels50.

To check out the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends visit

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