It’s edited, but who cares. It’s awesome!

If a significant part of your childhood was spent playing with Hot Wheels, you’ll know that a big part of the whole experience was building the tracks where the miniature cars could be raced. Some of us were only able to build small tracks with a few loops thrown in whereas others were able to build elaborate tracks that resembled that of roller coasters.

Then there’s this fantastic video that put everything together, including some crafty video edits, to create one of the most elaborate Hot Wheels experiences you’ll ever see.

I don’t care if some parts of the video are edited, nor do I care that others seem to defy the laws of science (toy cars aren’t supposed to do that underwater, you know?). What matters is that the video gives us a visual experience of what happens when a Hot Wheels car runs through a seemingly endless supply of tracks, covering different backgrounds and literally doing things no actual car is capable of doing.

It’s a glorious video that I’ve watched a handful of times already. The people behind it may have spent too much time preparing to shoot this video, but it was all worth it. Their time wasn’t wasted creating and editing it. I just watched the finished product and had a huge smile on my face after seeing it.

So yes, spend a few minutes of your time today to watch the video. The video is worth every second of it.

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