Forbes Auto made a list with top 13 (wonder why 13?) hottest cars of 2008. Most powerful, expensive and beautiful car made into that list, and although in my opinion the order would have been a little bit different, I really like that they chose.

Speed and style are still the operative words for sports cars, but they’re getting plusher and more luxurious, thanks in part to an aging consumer base. Sales of sports cars in 2007 show that the rich are getting richer, and as the average age of sports-car buyers steadily creeps up, more models with added luxury and amenities are rolling into showrooms.

Hottest Sports Cars of 2008
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Among new models for 2008 in the exotic segment are the Maserati GranTurismo, an elegant and civilized near-exotic coupe, and the stunning Audi R8, which is that company’s first foray into the realm of uber-sports cars.

Hottest Cars of 2008

  1. Aston Martin DBS
  2. Audi R8
  3. Audi TT
  4. Bentley Continental GT Speed
  5. Chevrolet Corvette
  6. Dodge Viper SRT10
  7. Ferrari 430 Scuderia
  8. Lamborghini Reventon
  9. Lotus Elise/Exige
  10. Maserati GranTurismo
  11. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster
  12. Nissan GT-R
  13. Porsche 911 GT2


Hottest Sports Cars of 2008
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Source: ForbesAutos

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  (25) posted on 10.10.2008

How ever made this list I am truly sorry to tell you but "YOU ARE AN IDIOT DO SOME RESEARCH NEXT TIME" how are the underpowered horrible Audis on there?

  (6023) posted on 03.31.2008

audi tt??? are you ing serious.....GT2 number 13????? are you ing serious!!!?????

  (12) posted on 12.23.2007

wheres the bugatti or the koenigsegg ccxr or the dodge viper srt10str what a dumb list.

SSCamaro7  (3) posted on 12.22.2007

I’ve a lot of these cars at the NY International Auto Show this year and they were so beast!

SSCamaro7  (111) posted on 12.22.2007

yeah but the turbo is better

gcut  (11) posted on 12.22.2007

The Bentley belongs on the list hands down. Bentley has always been known for exeptional sports cars. As far as the 911 turbo is concerned, they did list the GT2.

gcut  (133) posted on 12.19.2007

I hardly would have put the audi tt on this list as there are undoubtedly better looking sports cars out there such as the 911 turbo which i find strange was not included

gcut  (111) posted on 12.18.2007

noooooo that bentley wud murder a jag that belongs rite there where it is, an i’m not goin to make a fuss bout the veyron this time cuz as far as iam concerned its undisputedly one of the fastest cars in the world so who cares about this insignificant chart

gcut  (19) posted on 12.18.2007

I agree with ALL but one......... a Bentlley is hardly a sports car. A Jaguar XKR would be a better pick!

gcut  (11) posted on 12.18.2007

This list is all off!!! What about the Ferrari 599 GTB? Or the Bugatti Veyron? The Koenigsegg CCXR? I agree with a few of the cars listed, but not in the order they are in. The Audi TT and R8 have no business in this category. I would have liked to see the S5 on this list though.

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