There’s no factory-made four-door convertible on sale anywhere

It was only a matter of time before the Model 3 went under the knife. As is the case with all popular vehicles, aftermarket companies lay their hands on them and try to give a twist in their own ways. We’ve seen the Tesla Model 3 being experimented on in the past, but we haven’t seen anything like this before. Newport Convertible Engineering has laid its hands on the electric car and converted it into a drop-top model. Do you like it?

This Can Be Your Guilty Pleasure

How Do You Feel About A Tesla Model 3 Convertible? Exterior
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Newport Convertible Engineering has capitalized on the vacuum created by electric carmakers - a mass-market convertible EV.

Although chopping off the roof and adding soft-top sounds like a simple job, it is far more complicated and sophisticated than you can imagine.

The aftermarket company had to reinforce the Model 3 so that it doesn’t suffer from structural problems in the future. The car was given additional body bracing and a ‘basket handle’ roll hoop to maintain the rigidity.

It Doesn’t Look Very Good With The Top Dropped

How Do You Feel About A Tesla Model 3 Convertible? Exterior
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Based purely on the looks, the convertible Model 3 doesn’t look very appealing. The company agrees believes the same. Newport Convertible Engineering told Motortrend, “The soft-top Model 3 looks a bit odd, but hey, that’s the price of nonconformity!,”. The roof folds back and sits there crumbled instead of hiding away from sight. “Similar to the old Volkswagen Beetle convertible and the current Jeep Wrangler, the Tesla’s top folds back into a crumpled pile of roof bows and cloth material aft of the rear seats, as opposed to neatly stowing itself in a recessed cubby that’s covered by a tonneau” the company added.

That’s A Lot Of Money!

How Do You Feel About A Tesla Model 3 Convertible? Exterior
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This mod is pretty unique since there is no electric four-door convertible on the market today. So, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to get this done to your Tesla Model 3 if you are looking for exclusivity. However, it will set you back by $29,500. Yes, you read that right. Newport Convertible Engineering is charging $29,500 for the soft-top conversion, and $39,500 for a convertible with a power-folding top. That is almost as much as the price of a brand-new Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which retails at $39,990.

Will you spend 40 grand to convert your Tesla Model 3? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Tesla Model 3 specifications
Performance Dual Motor Long Range Dual Motor Standard Plus Rear-Wheel
Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.2s 4.4 s 5.3 s
Range 310 miles 322 miles 250 miles
Top Speed 162 mph 145 mph 140 mph
Wheels 20" Performance Wheels 18" Aero Wheels 19" Aero Wheels 18" Aero Wheels 19" Aero Wheels

Source: Motortrend

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