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Let’s not beat around the bush – the Divo does, kind of, look like a Chiron at a glance. But then you look at it, and it becomes clear that there’s a lot of tweaks and changes that make the Divo what it is – and agiler, corner-eating beast from which there is no escape. But how does it really compare to the Chiron? Well let’s take a quick look and see for ourselves:

Divo vs Chiron: Exterior

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As you can see, the front end is far more aggressive than the Chiron and includes massive intakes, corner-mounted headlights, and the most muscular hood we’ve ever seen on a Bugatti.

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The side profile of the Divo is even crazier, with that rounded air take now smaller than ever before. The Divo also gets some very aggressive side skirts, and the roof even gets a true intake that feeds fresh air into the engine bay to help keep things cool. The car doesn’t appear to sit any lower – not that it could – but it is some 77-pounds lighter, which contributes to handling significantly.

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The rear end almost gives this feeling like the Divo is just an eviler version of the Chiron. The central exhaust outlets have morphed into four exhaust outlets; the rear diffuser is now larger and more pronounced. The taillights are even more menacing, and that huge spoiler just screams dominance. Even the vents in the rear fascia are larger and deep than before.

Divo vs Chiron: Interior

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Now, the interior doesn’t change in the sense of shape or form. The Dico carries over with the same interior design from the door trim panels to the center console and even the dashboard. Where it does differ, however, is how Bugatti fashioned the materials inside. Where the standard Chiron is wrapped mainly in leather, the Divo gets outrageous doses of Alcantara. And, it’s a two-tone theme as well, with the driver’s side getting a mix of any bright color and black while the passenger side is grey-black through and through with only minor bright highlights – just one of those little things that makes the driver feel that much more special, right?

Divo cs Chiron: Performance

How Does the Bugatti Divo Compare to the Chiron? Exterior
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The Divo may be a mean machine, but it’s nowhere near as fast as the Chiron it is based on. And, rightfully so, since Bugatti designed the Divo to bend corners instead of blowing through straight-line runs. That doesn’t mean it’s slow, though. In fact, Bugatti engineers managed to shed a total of 77 pounds from the Chiron’s overall curb weight during the transformation. The extra aerodynamics contributes to 198 pounds of extra downforce, which raises the total to 1005 pounds. The 8.0-liter W-16 engine under that rear hood didn’t take on any updates, though, so it still delivers 1479 horsepower (1500ps) and 1,180 pound-feet of torque.

Unlike the Chiron it’s based on though, this thing won’t cross the 260-mph barrier. In fact, it won’t even cross the 250- or 240-mph barrier. Because of all the incredible downforce and massive aerodynamics, Bugatti has capped the Divo’s speed at just 236 mph. Not that it’s slow or anything, and you’ll still eat just about anything that pulls up next to you, but don’t expect any world-beating top speed runs. Fret not, good friends, that lower speed is necessary and contributes to a car that can handle like none other, bending corners with ease while keeping your back firmly planted six-inches deep in those sport seats. Bugatti claims the Divo was able to beat the Chiron around the Nardo handling circuit by whopping eight seconds. Yeah; it’s that good and bending corners.

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