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How Elon Musk’s Acquisition of Twitter Could Help Tesla

Tesla might not pay for advertising, but now it can advertise for free

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One of the most interesting things about Tesla is that it has a $0 budget when it comes to advertising. Of course, with all fanboys out there constantly advertising and pushing the brand, paying for advertising would be kind of silly. Now, however, Elon Musk might have an all-new trick up his sleeve.

Elon’s Bid to Take Over Tesla

Elon Musk bought an excessive chunk of Twitter stock out of the blue in a somewhat sketchy manner, failing to properly disclose as he should have. That blew over and with Musk owning the most Tesla stock of any single person on the planet, he was offered a seat on the board. Musk promptly declined that position, which suggested the potential for a hostile takeover. In the end, Musk offered up a pinch over $54 per share for every single share in existence – a move that would take Twitter into the private sector and under the sole control of Mr. Elon Musk himself.

Twitter’s board weighed the options and accepted the deal. Once the deal goes through, Elon Musk will be the sole owner of Twitter, and changes are said to be inbound.

Elon Musk’s Promises for Twitter

Elon Musk has been heavy in talking about how he would make the “digital town square” better for everyone. His biggest selling point (or should I say buying point?) is that he wants it to be a global hub for free speech. That seems kind of funny coming from a guy that has an excessive block list filled with people that have criticized him or Tesla products, but I digress – that’s a conversation for another time. It does raise some questions, though. Will Donald Trump’s Twitter account be reactivated? Will Twitter become a haven for digital abuse? Will Musk truly honor his commitment to free speech and not silence everyone who speaks out against him or his products? Only time will tell, but free speech isn’t his only promise.

Another big improvement that could come as a result of Musk’s Twitter acquisition is the removal of spambots and verification for all “real” people. If you’re tired of seeing all those annoying crypto bots, this should be good news for you. Outside of this, Musk wants to add an edit button to tweets because, well, none of us take the time to proofread and end up either looking like idiots or deleting and reposting tweets.

Free Advertising

Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Tesla, and a complete deal, of course, the mighty Musk can increase Tesla’s exposure even further via the platform. See, Tesla has a $0 advertising budget, and it quite honestly doesn’t need advertising with all of the people doing the advertising for him. Seriously, the Tesla crowd is the most determined crowd on the planet – you don’t see this kind of social engagement for any other brand. Now that Musk owns twitter – or will in the very near future – he can run as many Tesla ads as he wants without spending a dime on running that advertising. Will it happen? It’s quite possible. Fans have even suggested the logo change to a Tesla T, which in itself would be free advertising.

Regardless of what happens with Twitter, there will clearly be some settling before anything major happens. People are already protesting the platform and threatening to deactivate their accounts. Musk could just drop the ball, though that seems unlikely. In all honestly, it’s quite possible Tesla could simply become a Tesla forum with uninterested users flocking somewhere else. Who knows, maybe this is what Donald Trump needs to get his platform off the ground….. ha…. Ha….. ha….

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