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Mankind’s obsession with speed and going faster is deeply imprinted in its DNA. People have raced anything from horses, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and drones over the course of history, but few endeavours are more impressive than gunning for the world land speed record.

You might have heard about successful attempts from Gary Gabelich and his Blue Flame, or Richard Noble in the Thrust II, a well as the current Outright World Land Speed Record holder, the twin-turbofan jet-powered monster of a car going by the name of Thrust SSC.

Speed, gimme what I need!

In case you were wondering, FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) is sanctioning the world land speed record. According to FIA, the earliest documented land speed record attempt dates back from the 6th of November, 1928, when a certain Captain A.G. Miller driving a 5.1-liter, six-cylinder Delage hit a top speed of 100.704 kph (62.574 mph).

Now, if you’ve been following the land speed record timeline, you should know that the current attempt sits on the shoulders of the Bloodhound LSR (as in Land Speed Record), a UK-based project that aims to break the current land speed record (763.035 mph - 1,227.985 kph) using what it calls the most advanced straight-line racing car ever built.

How Fast Is a Land-Speed Record Car Compared to Other Fast Cars?
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The initiative went through bankruptcy in late 2018 (or what the Brits call administration), after it couldn’t provide the $33 million needed to keep operations going. But thanks to Ian Warhurst - who bought the car itself and the group’s limited assets - the project was brought back to life in 2019, and the Bloodhound LSR underwent a new high speed test, hitting 628 mph (1,010 kph).

Now, coming back to the question we formulated earlier, the Bloodhound LSR team put together a short video showing how the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine-powered vehicle would fare against more down-to-Earth vehicles, such as the Bugatti Chiron, a Formula 1 car, and your random, standard road car.

How Fast Is a Land-Speed Record Car Compared to Other Fast Cars?
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That’s about where we’re done talking and letting you see just how fast the Bloodhound LSR is in what could very well be the world’s most audacious drag race that never happened in real life. Check it out:

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