James Bond may be the undisputed king of suave sophistication, but England’s secret weapon also has a habit of being particularly reckless with his belongings. Over the years, 007 has messed up pretty much everything he’s touched, including all of his fancy rides. I bring this up because his latest movie, Spectre, is due to be released in the coming weeks. That might bode well for us, but not for his official ride in the movie, the Aston Martin DB10. Let’s just hope that MI6 did its homework and insured the new DB10.

Insurance company KwikFit was nice enough to crunch the numbers to determine how much it’s going to cost to insure the DB10. Like any insurance firm worth its salt, KwikFit took into account a number of factors to determine the insurance cost of the Aston Martin movie car. Using Bond’s age (47), number of near-death experiences (100+), likelihood to take the law into his own hands (100%), number of cars written-off so far (30+), and the estimated value of the DB10 (roughly around $930,000), the insurance company arrived at an estimated insurance cost of $30,900.

That may not seem like a lot, but KwikFit also calculated the cars that Bond will face in the movie and added up the insurance costs of his recklessness. Unfortunately for MI6, it could be on the hook for about $2.3 million if Bond lives up to his name and adds the Jaguar C-X75, Land Rover Defender, and Range Rover Sport SVR to his write-offs by the end of the movie.

With Aston Martin experiencing real-life sales problems, let’s hope that it has some kind of plan for all the DB10s that are going to be used in the movie. James Bond may be the company’s most famous ambassador, but he also happens to be the costliest one too.

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Why it matters

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I’m sure that Aston Martin has a plan in place to keep the lineup of DB10 models that will be used in the movie from suffering the same fate as some of Bond’s previous cars. Sure, the car itself was built specifically for the movie, but I’m really hoping that not one of the reported 10 models will get legitimately destroyed. I’m sure it’s going to make for great entertainment, but that’s going to come at the cost of maybe seeing a few auto enthusiasts faint as it happens.

On a more serious note, Aston Martin hasn’t announced its plans on the DB10 other than its starring role in Spectre. There have been rumors that the company might release a few models to the public, but even if that happens, not everybody’s going to get a chance to buy one. First, it’s going to cost a lot of money. Second, it might be so exclusive that even those with the financial capabilities to buy one might get stonewalled at the chance to do so.

Since none of us really know what Aston Martin’s plans are for the DB10, I think it’s best to go see Spectre and root for the DB10 to make it to the end of the movie in one piece. That may be too much to ask given James Bond’s brazen attitude towards private and public properties, but here’s to hoping that he spares the DB10 from getting split in half by a helicopter blade. We still feel your pain, BMW Z8.

Aston Martin DB10

2015 Aston Martin DB10 High Resolution Exterior Exclusive Photos
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