can a British singer and DJ be?

Really stupid.

If brains were required for success, some who have it, wouldn’t.

Story is that Madness’ singer Suggs made a bet with Virgin Radio DJ Chistian O’Connell. The winner was the one who could drink the most pints of Guiness in a week-end. Suggs was sufficiently confident of the outcome to bet his Rolls-Royce on the outcome.

His confidence was misplaced. O’Connell won.

O’Connell then proceeded to drive the car into the pool.

Of course, it was only a Silver Shadow, so worth only about $18,000 on the current market, perhaps less. And, it didn’t fully submerge, just the engine and enough to get the interior wet. But getting it out probably won’t help the undercarriage, either. 

But maybe these boys aren’t so smart, after all. If they were really big celebrities, they’d be able to afford newer cars and drink something with a little more style than beer.

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  (379) posted on 02.11.2010

I wouldn’t really call it stupid, I’d say it was fun. I mean how often can you see two guys make a fun of themselves? I wonder what their bet will be if the car was a Ferrari or a lamborghini.

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