• How to Keep Up With us at Gumball 3000 2015

Today is the big day, folks. I am in Stockholm and the 2015 Gumball 3000 Rally is kicking off tomorrow. We will be updating the site with new posts, photos and videos as much as we can, but I know that some of you just don’t want to wait for us to publish new articles. If you love social media, or you just want to keep up with what is happening in real time, there are several ways you can follow my trip.

Just continue reading to find out how to find me on social media.

How to find Moe on Social Media

I plan on being very active on social media and I invite you guys to follow along. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram under the name @Moeferd, and I will be tagging every post with the hashtags #Gumball3000, #HeelsOnWheels and #AnastasiaDate.
Feel free to follow me on your social media platform of choice, and don’t be afraid to comment and ask questions. I will be as active as I can be on these social channels and I will happily respond to as many comments as I possibly can. So, if you have a question about the rally, the cities I am in, the cars taking part, or any of the various celebrities attending the event, just let me know.

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