Just buy it at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction.
So legendary as the venue for people willing to pay well over the top for a car, so much so that it no longer influences market prices at other auctions, Barrett-Jackson’s annual Scottsdale auction has twice been the venue at which some somewhat unique new Mustang has been auctioned off to “benefit” the Carroll Shelby charities – the charities which take in money, but don’t dole any out (as it turns out). But they sure do get a lot of publicity for the brand and top dollar for the car.
So, who’s going to do it next?
Chevrolet, with the new ZR1, the $100,000 sticker priced C6 Z06 with a supercharged and superpriced engine.
Word is that the first customer car off the line will go on the block at Barrett-Jackson. It will be on sale days after its introduction at the Detroit Auto Show this coming January, with proceeds to be donated to “charity.”
No word on which Chevrolet celebrity will accompany the car. Last time they sold a new Mustang at that auction, it was accompanied by both Shelby and Bill Ford. Shelby included his hat and Ford his shirt.

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