• How We’d Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver

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The 2020 Jeep Gladiator was launched after many decades, and the automaker did not miss a single chance to hype the truck. From bring five Gladiator-based concepts to the 2019 Jeep Easter Safari, to launching the truck with a plethora of optional accessories, Jeep has done it all. The 2020 Jeep Gladiator has lived up to its hype and has successfully swallowed the pressure of being one of the most anticipated trucks in recent history. Now that the initial hype is slowly dying, Jeep has launched the online configurator for the Gladiator along with a hell lot of optional accessories. So, here’s how we’d spec the Jeep Gladiator.

How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is a versatile truck, and people are not going to buy this only to fulfill their off-road cravings. The 2020 Gladiator is a capable daily driver as well. Jeep has offered the Gladiator in four trims - Sport, Sport S, Overland, and Rubicon. There was a Launch Edition that Jeep introduced initially and it was limited to 4,190 units. But that does not qualify for the configurator so we will not be considering it here.

So, to start with, the model I’ve chosen is the Gladiator Overland. The Overland trim comes with all the necessary creature comforts, and also a set of 18-Inch Granite Crystal Aluminum Wheels wrapped in 32-inch tires. This was one of the main reasons to choose the Overland instead of the Rubicon as the latter comes with 33-inch tires that are more suited to non-tarmac surfaces. It comes with automatic headlamps and fog lamps that are sufficient for a daily driver. In terms of interior, the Overland is equipped with a seven-inch touchscreen system, eight-speaker system, and leather-trimmed seats, to name a few.

How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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The Overland, just like all the other trims, comes with a 3.6-liter, V-6 engine under the hood. A six-speed manual transmission comes as standard, and an eight-speed automatic gearbox is available as an option. Either are more than sufficient at handling the engine’s 285 horses and 260 pound-feet of torque. This trim can tow up to 6,000 pounds and offers a payload capacity of 1,140 pounds. The base price of this trim is $41,890, but since we are building it up virtually, the costs and expenses don’t matter.


How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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Being my daily commuter, the first thing I’ll do is swap the manual transmission with the Automatic gearbox for 2,000 bucks. A truck with two pedals makes a lot more sense when the main idea is to drive it around the city on tarmac. I’ll be opting for the Engine Block Heater for $95 that will help warm the engine and engine oil during cold starts. Need I mention the benefits of this? The other packages that Jeep offers are to do with the off-roading. Hence, I won’t be opting for any of those. Why Wouldn’t I go with a different engine? Well, Jeep doesn’t offer anything but he 3.6-liter Pentastar so that choice is, essentially, made for us.

8-Speed Automatic 850RE Transmission $2,000
Trac-Lok® Anti-Spin Rear Differential $595
Engine Block Heater $95


How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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Let’s start from the exterior first. My first choice would have been the Punk’n Metallic Orange color, but it is one of the most popular colors, especially on the Rubicon. So, my Jeep Gladiator will be painted in Hydro-Blue with Pearl Coat. Unlike many other manufacturers, Jeep doesn’t charge an extra dime for any shade chosen from the 10-color palette. As for the roof, I’ll be going with the Dual Top Group, priced at $2,295, that comes with a hard-top and a soft top, so I’ll have some options to play with down the road since this gives me the flexibility of choosing either depending on my mood. For instance, I’ll use a hard-top during the week for urban commutes, and a soft-top for the long, relaxing weekend drives, or even for mild off-roading.

Dual Top Group $2,295
Premium Black Sunrider Soft Top $595
Body-Color 3-Piece Hard Top $1,100
Roll-Up Tonneau Cover $495
Spray-in Bedliner $495
Remote Proximity Keyless Entry $495

To give my Gladiator a clean look, I wanted to add the Roll-up Tonneau cover that costs $495 as well. But, Jeep went ahead and did it for me already. So, the catch here is that you cannot avail the Dual Top Group without the Roll-up Tonneau cover. Come on, Jeep. We just started the relationship. Don’t force things on me already! The next thing I would opt for is the Spray-in bed liner for $495 to give the truck bed an anti-skid surface and protect it from rust and scratches.

How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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Considering that this will be my daily driver, and I don’t tend to use it for heavy off-roading or any towing, I’m going to give the Trailer Tow package a miss, which otherwise, would have been at the top of my list. When you’ll be taking this around the town, aesthetics do matter. Even though I find it a bit overpriced, I will still go ahead and lock-in the Premium LED Lighting Group for $995. This package adds DRLs, headlights, taillights, fog lamps and turn signals, all of which are LED.

Trailer Tow Package $250
Premium LED Lighting Group $995
Cold Weather Group $995
8.4-Inch Radio and Premium Audio Group $1,595
Jeep® Active Safety Group $895
Adaptive Cruise Control/Forward Collision Warning+ $795
Auxiliary Switch Group $295
Smoker’s Group $30
Cargo Management Group with Trail Rail System $895


How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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The interior is where I’ll look to load up the Gladiator the most. Since I live in a colder climate, the first thing I’ll add is the $695 Cold Weather Group which gives me heated front seats and steering wheel. If I lived down south, however, I’d skip this one altogether. In that case, I’d look for ventilated seats but those aren’t offered - at least not yet, anyway. The next item on my agenda is the 8.4-inch Radio and Premium Audio Group for $1,595. A little steep, no doubt, but absolutely worth the money. It feels more value-for-money because the Premium audio system itself costs $1,295. An excellent way to trick people into opting for this, Jeep. It includes an upgrade from a seven-inch screen to an 8.4-inch sceen, Navigation, an Alpine audio system, and a host of SiriusXM services, among other things.

How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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A Remote-Start System is one other feature that makes it to the list. This package allows me to fire up the engine from 90 meters (300 feet) away and cools or heats the Gladiator accordingly. It depends on what temperature that’s preset on the Automatic Temperature Control system. It’s not just the air-conditioner; even the heated seats and steering wheel can are controlled and prepared on cold mornings. Absolutely worth $495. I’m a big fan of dark theme inside the cabin; hence, I’ll be opting for leather-trimmed bucket seats for $1,495 with all-black interior. This package will not just le me hide seats and give me a floor console with front armrest; it will also wrap the handbrake, gearshift knob, instrument panel bezels, and rear armrest with leather. Oh, and how can I forget the all-weather slush mats. Even though this truck will not be taken off the road much, all-weather slush mats are a boon to have at all times, under any conditions. If spending $150 can protect my truck’s rocker panels and wheel wells, I see no reason not to opt for it.

Leather-Trimmed Bucket Seats $1,495
Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker $295
Soft Top Window Storage Bag $75
All-Weather Slush Mats $150
Hardtop Headliner $555


How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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I’m not someone to compromise on safety, so, the Adaptive Cruise Control/ Forward Collision Warning package gets into the cart without a second thought. For $795, Jeep offers advanced brake assist, full speed forward collision warning, and adaptive cruise control with stop function. But on the other hand, I will not be opting for the Jeep Safety Group that is a complete rip-off for $895.

From the Mopar Catalogue

How We'd Configure a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Daily Driver
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With all these add-ons, the final price of the Overland comes up to $52,000. But we are not done yet. These were the accessories from Jeep’s website, and we haver yet to open Mopar’s bible for the Gladiator. Mopar has been supplying Motor Parts since 1937 and is the market pioneer when it comes to spare parts and accessories. for pretty much anything from FCA. Mopar has already built an extensive library to cater to Gladiator customers, so I decided to see what Mopar will offer me as well.

Mopar actually has a lot of small stuff that tempted me. Molded splash guards sound like something that can be quite helpful during rainy days. And, since this an off-roader at its core I will be taking it around for a little adventure, and these splash guards will protect the lower body from catching smudge, mud, water, and what not. Next item I opted for is the license plate frame. It sure makes the Gladiator look a little civilized. Subtle, yet effective. The black frame would look great on the Blue body.

I really wanted the set of MOLLE bags. This is a set of three bags that can be tied to the grid behind the seats. But this is a Rubicon-exclusive product in the Gladiator. So, I’ve selected a Cargo tote instead. Not as nifty as the former, but it is a handy way to load the items and can be carried around anywhere as well. Slightly overpriced, sure, but what official product is cheap in this day and age? Touchscreen systems are generally fingerprint magnets, and it affects the visibility when driving under bright conditions. To safeguard the screen from that, I have opted for a Media screen protector as well. These tiny things work wonders in day-to-day use. Costs for all the equipped Mopar products are listed below:

Molded Splash Guards Front and Rear $50*2 = $100
License Plate Frame $36.45
Cargo Tote $42.90
Media Center Screen Protector $20

Well, this is how I would spec my Gladiator Overland as a daily driver. It took quite some time, but my virtual acquisition is ready now. After equipping the Jeep accessories, the Overland’s cost increased by $10,110 to $52,000. These Mopar products cost $198.35. Let’s round that off to $200. So, $52,200 for a 2020 Gladiator Overland seems quite decent. However, you can expect the costs to go much higher if it were to be spec’d as an off-roader. What are the accessories you would equip in your Jeep Gladiator? Let us know in the comments section below.

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