• How well do you know your Porsche engines? Find out for a chance to win an Evolution 911 driving experience

Here’s a simple question: do you want to participate in a Porsche 911 Evolution driving experience?

We’d venture a guess that your answer would be a resounding ‘yes!’ so for you to be able to do that, all you have to do is play a game Porsche is hosting: guess which Porsche 911 you are listening too.

The challenge is broken up into five different categories with each category having a distinct line of Porsche vehicles revving their engines for you to decide what particular model you’re listening to.

The first category is the ‘Carrera’ and you’ll be tasked to pick between a 964, a 996, or a 997. The second category is ‘Classics’ and the choices you have include an RS 2.7, an RS 3.0 or an RS 3.8. The third category is ‘Race Derived’ and for this category, you have to choose among the 964 RS 3.8, the 996 GT3 or the 997 GT3.

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In the event that you’re still standing after round 3, you’re prize is a chance to go for category 4, which is ‘Turbo’. For this cat, you’re choices are the 930, the 996, or the 997. If you get this one right too, then you’re one step closer to finish line. All you need to do is guess right in the final category, ‘Motorsport’. Your choices for this one includes the 935, the 911 GT1, or the 936.

If you’re thinking to yourself that the competition is relatively easy, it’s not. It becomes profoundly more difficult as you move along because the differences between the cars are miniscule at best and it would take some serious listening to decipher the differences.

In any case, good luck and here’s to hoping you breeze through all five stages on your way to a Porsche 911 Evolution driving experience.

Source: Porsche

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