Handing the reins to a robot has its benefits

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece about the huge number of autonomous concepts that made the rounds at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, and indeed, one quick glance at the list of debuts will reveal an anticipated mass migration to self-driving vehicles sometime in the near future. The experts agree that this technology will bring with it myriad benefits, not the least of which is an increase in safety, as computerized drivers take over for distracted, intoxicated, or otherwise inept humans. Efficiency should also see a nice bump, as instantaneous reaction time and car-to-car connectivity will allow autonomous cars to run more closely together and at higher speeds. Which gets us thinking – what will folks do when they no longer need to drive?

Here’s our take on the situation, composed in list form for your reading enjoyment. Of course, we wanna know – did we leave something out? Tell us in the comments.

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2015 Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion High Resolution Interior AutoShow
- image 647824

Whether you’re on a long road trip, coming back from a busy weekend getaway, or heading to work after staying up just a little too late, sleepiness and fatigue can be real safety issues on the road. Thankfully, autonomous technology will allow you to grab a few zzz’s as you make your way to your next destination. We’re expecting plenty of room to stretch out and ultra comfy chairs.


Renault Symbioz Is Like A Mobile Room
- image 731742

Whether you prefer to watch a movie, read a book, catch up on that TV show you’ve been binging on, or playing a few games, autonomous vehicles should afford us plenty of opportunities to be entertained while en route. That’s doubly so when considering the level of onboard tech that should be included, from big displays to Wi-Fi hotspots.


2016 Toyota uBox Concept High Resolution Interior
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Email and cell phones have ushered in an age of always being reachable, no matter what, and with the advent of autonomous technology, the excuse that you were driving will no longer work when it comes to phoning in on that conference call. We’re thinking slogging through the inbox would be a fitting activity for the daily morning commute.


2017 Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ Interior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Well, yeah, we’re American, so another opportunity to eat will definitely make it on this list. Now you’ll actually have time to enjoy that chalupa without spilling hot sauce all over your lap. Appropriately equipped, we could even see some autonomous vehicles offering a chance to cook your own meal – just make sure to tell robo Jeeves to avoid the potholes.


2015 Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Interior
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Without the pressures of staying attentive to the road, autonomous vehicles will finally allow us to get a little more social, and indeed, plenty of automakers have already envisioned swivel seats that’ll create a more sociable atmosphere. Of course, either way, everyone will probably just be staring at their phones…

Having Sex

2017 Smart Vision EQ Fortwo Concept High Resolution Exterior
- image 728947

Forget the mile high club, what about the mile per hour club? It goes without saying that, given the opportunity, people will be going at it like rabbits. Privacy plus time to kill usually leads to that, one way or the other… just opt for the tinted windows option. And the fold down seats.


Audi Elaine Concept

The Elaine Concept Puts Audi's Autonomous Ambitions On Display High Resolution Exterior
- image 731359

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Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept

2017 Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA High Resolution Exterior
- image 730880

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Renault Symbioz Concept

Renault Symbioz Is Like A Mobile Room High Resolution Exterior
- image 731033

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BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept

BMW i Vision Dynamics Previews Tesla Model S Fighter High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 730732

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