• How Would You Feel About a 400-Horsepower, AWD Honda Civic Type R?

As good as this sounds, we’re still waiting for official word from Honda

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The redesigned 2020 Honda Type R is still a fresh addition to the Japanese brand’s lineup but rumors about the next-gen Type R have been swirling on the interwebs for quite some time now.

Those familiar with what’s been written and predicted about the new generation Honda Type R know that the hot hatch has been touted with every possible powertrain: a hybrid one, an all-electric setup, and a pure-ICE configuration.

Basically, we know nothing about what’s going to motivate the new Type R yet a rumor from Japan takes the cake in terms of outrageousness.

Is Honda aiming at the Mercedes-AMG A45? Should it?

How Would You Feel About a 400-Horsepower, AWD Honda Civic Type R? Exterior
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A wild rumor coming from Japan’s BestCarWeb via Motor1 suggests that the incoming Type R is set to debut in hybrid guise, but it will be no Prius. The publication says the hot hatch will churn out 400 horsepower sent to all four wheels by an all-wheel-drive setup with torque vectoring, which would be an absolute first for the Type R nameplate.

The outlet goes on to specify that the setup we’re looking at is made out of two e-motors and a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder (also turbocharged) gasoline unit.

How Would You Feel About a 400-Horsepower, AWD Honda Civic Type R? Exterior
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If that’s true, then the system will somewhat mimic the NSX’s, except for the fact that the ICE would spin the front wheels as before, while the two electric motors would be in charge of sending grunt to the rear axle.

Coming back to the 400-horsepower output, it would account for a hefty 25-percent increase compared to the outgoing Type R, which makes do with 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque from a turbo-four mill that’s also intercooled.

Granted, 400 horsepower would graduate the Type R into a whole new league, one that’s led by the 416-horsepower Mercedes-AMG A45 S, but we’re not sure the typical Type R customer would adapt to the shift, if it ever happens.

For now, let’s take the rumor with a pinch of salt. Be sure, though, that we’ll keep you updated on the topic as soon as more info gets out.

2020 Honda Civic Type R specifications
Engine Type In-Line 4-Cylinder with Turbocharger
Boost Pressure 23.2 psi
Displacement 1996 cc
Horsepower (SAE net)1 306 @ 6500 rpm
Torque (SAE net)2 295 lb-ft @ 2500-4500 rpm

Source: Best Car Web

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