• How would you like a Ferrari 360 Spider for Christmas?

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A Ferrari is not just for Christmas.

UK Ferrari Hire has slashed prices on their car hire, you can have a great car for £450 per day.

How would you like a Ferrari 360 Spider for Christmas?

Well of course unless you know a a multi millionaire that is not really going to happen is it? But there is a specialist car hire company who have cut their prices and come up with some special deals just for Christmas, imagine your going to a Christmas party or lunch with old friends, maybe family everyone always has their stories about how successful they all are and how much money they have just spent on presents and everything else for the Christmas season, what do you do? Do you sit in corner thinking that you have failed in life or do you get out and hire a Ferrari 360 Spider, get the roof down and the stereo on, what will all their faces be like, do you think that it would ruin their party spirit? Well yes it probably would.

A company named UK Ferrari Hire have slashed their prices for the Christmas season, the normal price of a Ferrari 360 Spider would be £700 per day (24 hrs) but now you can get this machine for a mere £450 per day, not much really when you consider the price of race days where you are driven around a circuit a few times, when you hire this car or any of the other high performance cars, it is just you behind the wheel, just think of those empty roads on Christmas day, and you burning a Ferrari 360 Spider around the countryside.

Source: UK Ferrari Hire.

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  (5990) posted on 12.3.2006

lamborghini also started out building tractors, like on a farm.

Ferrari only built cars, very good ones!

  (5990) posted on 12.3.2006

Lambos are crap, everyone likes them because there doors go up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when your driving the car the doors arent open, the engine is on!!!!!!!!!!the style has never changed of lambos. ferraris COMPETE AND WIN in races!!!!!! the styles of ferrarischange over the years. Still like Lambos?

  (5990) posted on 12.2.2006


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