The 599 GTB, named after the company-owned racetrack Fiorano, is Ferrari’s answer to such upper price range bolides as Porsche Carrera GT or Mercedes SLR.

The 599, however, does not only have power, but class: Pininfarina artist Jason Castriota gave the Italian a ravishing design spiced with such daring details as, for example, eleven air vents. In spite of the increase in length, aluminum reduces the body weight by 50kg. The engine, which is a full 20kg lighter, has been positioned lower and more towards the rear; 53 percent of the weight now rests on the rear axle. The oil inside the shock absorbers is interspersed with metal particles and hardens with lightning speed by producing a magnetic field.

HR Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
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Still it can be refined...

But, even as things are, German accuracy will still improve several details. Those who do not want to do without the pleasure of high-speed cornering will find anything their heart desires at the chassis specialist H&R. The experts from Sauerland create new springs especially conceived for the high-tech chassis, every adjustment of which will miraculously improve the whole range of cornering characteristics.

Already from 1590 Euros, any interested Ferrari driver may spice up his 599er while, for an additional charge of 2000 Euros, the gorgeous spring mechanism comes with a coating of pure gold! As a perfect match with the elegant standard wheels, the guys from Lennestadt offer TRAK+ wheel spacers optimizing the spacing to the mudguard wing while the track widening further improves the cornering agility. Not a bad idea, because it only takes 3.7 seconds before you reach 100km/h on the racetrack, and this special kind of acceleration will not cease before 330km/h.

HR Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
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Chassis optimization

In comparison to a conventional transmission, the F1 transmission allows gear shifts which are four times faster.

Comfortable Recaro seats and the new SCM shock absorbers will even smoothen out the worst potholes. A little switch on the steering wheel, the “Manettino“, invites you to make your choice between five different stages of chassis adjustments, from “normal“ to “race position”. Shock absorbers, shift speed, shift points and the ESP will sharpen step by step; stage five even allows little slides. Designing a corresponding spring kit that works even better with such a high-tech system is not that easy - but H&R has shown that it is possible.

At 300km/h, the rear roof pillars, which serve as fins, will charge the rear axle with 150kg of downforce. The youngest and strongest serial Ferrari will be literally glued to the tarmac when doing kick turns while the razor-sharp steering responds to every twitch of your finger when describing a fast S.

HR Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
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