Any racer heading over to the 2010 Pirelli Ultimate Track Car Challenge (UTCC) or any racer who has thought of going might want to hear this news. Turns out, HRE Wheels is offering discounts for any UTCC racer that purchases lightweight wheels from HRE. On top of that, HRE will also be offering a cash contingency program that will present the overall winner of the UTCC with $2,500 if they are sporting the HRE wheels. Other contingency prizes will go out such as $1,000 for 3 other individual Category Winners using HRE Performance Wheels. Don’t want to buy them just yet, well, HRE is also offering huge discount for the top 3 finishers if they are not rockin’ the lightweight wheels from HRE.

Does it sound like there are a lot of holes in that story? Well, there are. This is a massive marketing attempt to sell more wheels with only a slight chance of having to give away money to the winners. Either that or HRE is extremely confident that their products will make that big of a difference on the track. Don’t let the possibility of prizes fool you. If you want HRE wheels, then by all means, you should purchase them and get in on the action. If not, just try to finish in the top 3 and you can get a chance at getting them for much cheaper.

Check out the full story and press release after the jump.

The Pirelli Ultimate Track Car Challenge is a race against the clock for any vehicle that deems itself worthy. With limited regulations (class-based only) anyone can “run whatcha brung” and race against a variety of track-ready cars that think they have what it takes too. This event will take place at the Virginia International Raceway’s Full Course on July 23, 2010.

Press Release

HRE Wheels is proud to announce a new contingency program for competitors in the 2010 Pirelli Ultimate Track Car Challenge (UTCC) presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. The event - which pits a variety of extreme performance vehicles against the clock and each other at Virginia International Raceway - is a perfect fit with HRE and its focus on engineering and performance.

This exciting development will allow UTCC competitors to outfit their cars with the latest race-proven lightweight wheels from HRE. Competitors are invited to take advantage of huge discounts available to UTCC racers, and winners will receive an unprecedented contingency package. These discounts are available exclusively to Pirelli Ultimate Track Car Challenge entrants, and orders must be placed before June 1, 2010.

HRE Wheels offer prizes for the winners of the Pirelli Ultimate Track Car Challenge…or do they? High Resolution Exterior
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"HRE Wheels is excited to be a part of the 2010 Pirelli Ultimate Track Car Challenge," said Alan Peltier, President of HRE Wheels. "We’re getting back to our racing roots in a big way in 2010 with several light weight, high strength competition wheel models offered at special discounts to UTCC competitors, including a 17-pound 18" wheel we’re just releasing. HRE has equipped record-setting track cars and high-powered sports cars for years, so with the diverse group of competitors bringing their fastest modified cars to race, we’ll be right at home."

In addition to discounts on custom wheel sets for UTCC entrants, HRE is also putting a bounty on top performance, offering a $2500 contingency prize to the Overall Winner of the UTCC if he or she is competing on HRE’s. 3 other individual Category Winners using HRE Performance Wheels are also eligible for $1000 prizes from HRE, and 3 top finishers in each category competing while using wheels from manufacturers other than HRE will still be eligible for special discount certificates toward the purchase of a set of HRE Performance Wheels.

To take advantage of the HRE Performance Wheels racer discount, call (888) 598-1965.

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  (765) posted on 04.26.2010

This will be so exciting, the event will pit a wild assortment of track-ready beasts against the clock to determine which is the quickest of all.

  (379) posted on 04.26.2010

Well I guess not timmy, what you see is what you get I think.

  (321) posted on 04.25.2010

it would be more acceptable if they included their wheels with tire already, BTW: what if i won the competition but the wheels wont fit on my studs? will they replace it with compatible one?

  (340) posted on 04.25.2010

I’m pretty sure that these wheels are lighter than the regular racing wheelsm well this is a must have wheels.

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