Aimed at the Mercedes-Benz R Class, BMW is apparently nearing launch of the V7, a six passenger cross-over that has five doors and lots and lots of size. It was spotted by Autocar, a British motoring magazine, besting on Munich’s streets this past week. Though disguised, the overall shape and heft of the vehicle was obvious.
It has a BMW Bangle take on the R Class’ lines, showing somewhat chubbier front quarters than the R Class. The theory behind it is described as “raumfunctionales,” which roughly translates into lots of functional interior space. 

That also translates into lotsa exterior size. It’s so big – over 16 feet long and more than 6 feet wide - that it would be licensed as a truck in the United States. It also has an unusually long rear overhang, on which is mounted a liftback door. According to Autocar, the prototype appears to have a longer wheelbase than the 7 Series sedan on which this vehicle is based. 
Expected for the 2009 model year, the vehicle will be manufactured in Germany, not the United States. It will be offered in both rear wheel drive and all wheel drive versions. The V7 is expected to be promoted for performance and handling of the 7 Series, albeit in a larger package, due to its derivation from the automotive platform.

Source: AutoCar

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