All the ladies in the world (or at least most of them) have or had once a big crush for Hugh Grant. And all the men were jealous of his success. And now the British actor give the ladies one more reason to love him and men a reason to envy him: he bought himself a nice Audi R8. Who will now resist him when he will pass in his new car at 187mph?

The Love Actually star, who is 47 today, paid £82,000 (maybe this is the price for love our days) for his brand new Audi. But after he bought it he resist the temptation of making a spin - preferring instead to ease it round to his garage.

It seems that it’s new R8 will be the star at his birthday party, where, by the way, will feature rock band Van Tramp.

Next to the R8 in his garage you can also find a £168,000 Aston Martin Vanquish.

Source: Daily Mail

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  (379) posted on 02.11.2010

Well, I think the only women in the world who wouldn’t be in love with him are those married, love-haters, in love with Tom Cruise and those who hasn’t watched the movie nothing hill. It was a pretty entertaining movie and I’d say that he was the best for the job. I remember on how many times the ladies in the house I live in watched the movie again and again.

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