With no relation to Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy Magazine, Heffner Performance wanted to make this Gallardo even more powerfull and boosted to an astonishing 930 hp and 1032 Nm of torque.

Hugh Hefner tunes its Gallardo to 930 hp
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The modifications of the car are extreme: new steel cylinder liners, polishing of crankshaft journals, heavy duty clutch & pressure plate, twin water cooled, dual ball bearing turbos, two TIAL 50mm blow off valves, upgraded fuel injectors, optimized fuel and spark calibration, 100 Octane 1000 Horsepower Upgrade: Carrillo Billet Steel Connecting Rods, Carbon Fiber Rear Decklid, Superleggera Style Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser and a Superleggera Style Rear Spoiler.

Hugh Hefner tunes its Gallardo to 930 hp
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All of these parts make these vehicle unique but extremely difficult to control. In order to solve this problem a two stage boost controller was installed that limits boots in the first two gears to useable limits. No words about the performances, but be sure that at 930 hp the sprint from 0-100 km/h can be easily made in under 4 seconds.


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  (2) posted on 08.6.2008

No no no no no. You’re doing it wrong!

Not Hugh Hefner. Heffner Performance! They’re not the same!

http://ww w.autoblog.com/2008/08 /05/wretched-excess-he ffners-peformance-buil ds-930-whp-twin-turbo/

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