Going for the drag racing record in a tuned AWD destroyer of worlds

We all know the Nissan GT-R is an absolute beast – after all, in stock form it’ll lay down a blacktop-churning 565 horsepower thanks to its twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-6 powerplant, six-speed automatic transmission, and high-performance AWD drivetrain. But per usual, tuners the world over see these figures as not much more than a starting point to build something bigger, badder, and a helluva lot faster. Enter Chicago-based tuner AMS Performance, a legendary shop with a long history of producing simply outrageous speed machines. One of its latest creations is this – the aptly named Alpha G GT-R. Total output is rated at a staggering 3,000 horsepower, which is enough to motivate this lightened and drag-slick-shod Godzilla to a low 7-second pass down the quarter mile. 1320 Video highlights the Alpha G in his 5-minute, 33-second video as its owner chases sixes.

Hit play, and you’ll get a walkaround on the Alpha G, from its carbon-laden exterior, to the exposed boost-makers and air elements in the nose, to the side exhaust, to the fat Hoosiers in the corners, to the parachute in back. Afterwards, we get to watch the Nissan strut its stuff, attacking the drag strip in a flurry of six-cylinder blasts, turbo spool, and barely contained traction.

You’ll have to watch the whole thing to see if the GT-R manages to dip into the six-second range, but trust me, there’s plenty of entertainment to be had along the way.


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