• Hybrid antagonist Rush Limbaugh to participate in Jay Leno’s Green Car Challenge

No offense to Drew Barrymore – we love you, Drew – her appearance on Jay Leno’s ‘Green Car Challenge’ is about to be one-upped because no less than Rush Limbaugh will be one of the next celebrities to take on Leno’s car challenge.

Now you’re probably wondering how on Earth is Rush Limbaugh more interesting than Drew Barrymore, and while we can’t blame you for the thought, you have to know that Rush Limbaugh is probably one of the biggest hybrid car bashers in the face of this planet so for him to actually drive one, is poetic irony at its best.

We don’t know what made Limbaugh decide to accept Leno’s challenge – apart from maybe the extra publicity this would generate – but it sure will be a treat to watch the man who once said about hybrids - “Nobody’s buying them! Nobody wants them! The manufacturers are making them in droves to satisfy Obama!” – drive a Ford Focus BEV.

Here’s the rest of what Limbaugh had to say about hybrids: "People are going to buy [hybrids] because Obama’s going to see to it the price [of gas] gets back up to four bucks, since that is the tipping point … Ford and Toyota are manufacturing all kinds of new hybrids to keep politicians happy. Politics. You want to know what killed the auto industry? Politics.

We can’t wait!


Source: THR Feed

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