The trend of the hybrid engines is on the wave so like a big company Mercedes-Benz want to be on the top. BMW is developing such propulsion so why should Mercedes and DimlerChrysler sleep? The last rumor comes from DaimlerChrysler Chairman, Dieter Zetsche. The company’s current philosophy of favoring the diesel engine is over, and now the hybrid-drive technology will be a priority.

Hybrid option on all Mercedes
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“We won’t develop any future models without a hybrid option, we will offer our customers the right product.” Zetsche said.

A very important part will concern consumer opinion, because some of the makers like Honda and Toyota have successfully changed their mind and made them believe that hybrids are the future. This is possible to be true.

Therefore, 2 or 3 years from now the first hybrid models may hit the showroom, but for now is not quite clear. You can put your money on the pocket for 2009 or 2010 to buy a hybrid car. If this is the way, hybrid you will certain make less polluting, at least for the next years.

Hybrid option on all Mercedes
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Unlike Toyota for example Mercedes will initially only offer mild hybrid. This approach to the hybrid industry is designed to add performance and increase fuel efficiency, so the cars won’t be able to purely run on the electric motor, at least for the beginning.


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