• Hyperion Just Teased the Hydrogen-Powered XP-1 And We’re Stoked

After Nine Years, Hyperion is finally ready to show the world its new hydrogen-power hypercar

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It’s been six months since we’ve talked about Hyperion and its hydrogen-powered XP-1 hypercar. If you don’t recall, Hyperion is an energy company that was founded back in 2011 and four years later released a teaser image that hinted it was getting into the car game. Well, the debut of that very car is finally on the horizon, and in anticipation of its August 2020 debut, Hyperion has released another teaser. We finally get to see a little more of the car, but not much. Be sure to scroll past the video to get a better look!

Hyperion XP-1 Teaser Video – There’s More Than You Realize Here

The teaser you see above is clearly from a company that focuses on energy more than it does cars. That’s not surprising, and at first, the teaser comes off as a complete dud. Then, at the last second, there’s a quick flash of the Hyperion XP-1. It’s still mostly hidden in the shadows, but we’ve managed to grab a screenshot and were able to lighten it up a bit. Unfortunately, since it’s a screenshot and not a traditional image, brightening up the image didn’t do a whole lot. We can make out the aggressive boomerang style vents with integrated headlights, though, and it looks like there is an eyelid of sorts on the fender above each headlight. The Hyperion XP-1 is clearly an aggressive hypercar that will probably be outrageously fast, maybe even setting a standard for electric hypercars, but there is a little more to it than that.

Hyperion Just Teased the Hydrogen-Powered XP-1 And We're Stoked Exterior
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Since the XP-1 is powered by hydrogen, it won’t suffer from the pitfalls usually associated with high-end electric cars.

Even the Nürburgring record-setting and all-electric Nio EP-9 suffers from the same problem every other electric car does – the inability to use it continuously without stopping for a lengthy charging process. The XP-1, however, will be, according to Hyperion, capable of outpacing modern supercars without the worry of recharge times, range, recyclability, or endurance. Of course, Hyperion has yet to release any type of real performance numbers or specs, but running on hydrogen means refills should take no more than about 5 minutes. We’re also guessing that based on the aerodynamic appearance, the XP-1 will be fast in every regard, and we can’t wait to see it makes its debut.

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